USTA League

Teams are now forming for the next USTA season.

A USTA league season consists of three lines for each match – one singles match and two doubles matches. Men’s and Women’s teams at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 levels compete in separate divisions.

USTA Policies at ASRC

Number of Teams. ASRC can accommodate up to 6 USTA adult tennis teams at its facility. If there are more than 6 teams wishing to play, preference will be given to those six teams having the highest number of members participating.

Court Fees for Matches. The club does not charge court fees to its teams to play home matches at ASRC. Each team is allocated 3 courts for 2 hour blocks on the weekend.

Court Times for Matches. Court times for matches are allocated by our Director of Tennis, Genya Trosman.

Team Practices. Teams that wish to schedule a team practice with a coach can practice during a weekday night.  The charge for such a practice is $150 for a 1.5 hour practice regardless of the number of participants. Coaches will run such practices on one court.

Warm-up courts for matches. Extra courts are not given to teams for warm-up purposes. Teams are expected to complete their warm-up and start within 15 minutes of their scheduled matches to ensure matches are completed within their two hour time frame.

Members only. USTA team play is primarily for the benefit of our members. Every USTA team playing out of the club must be comprised of at least 50% of ASRC members. In order to ensure adequate participation and full teams, the club allows non-member participants to play upon payment of a non-member fee of $60.00. This allows the non-member to compete without having to pay relevant guest fees, court fees, etc. This fee is the same regardless of the number of matches the non-member winds up playing.

Team Captains. Team captains must be members of the club. Any member wishing to recruit and field a team may do so. Team captains are responsible for recruiting members for their team, registering players, establishing line-ups, and all other administrative duties required by a team. Team captains should communicate clearly with their players about their philosophy for the team and how line-ups will be determined (eg., fielding the strongest line-up vs. allowing everyone equal chance to play).  Consideration should also be given to whether players will be guaranteed to play a certain number of matches.

Club participation. The club’s main focus with USTA League is to open up our facility to allow members to play fun competition with other clubs. The club does not participate in decisions regarding team rosters, team captains, establishing line-ups, etc.

Members interested in playing on a team. The club does not guarantee the placement of any member on a particular team. Members and other players wishing to play USTA league will be referred to the participating captains of the different teams. While open, friendly participation is encouraged, captains are not required to accept anyone on their team roster and may ‘close’ their team as they see fit.

Employees/Club Pros. Employees and club pros at ASRC are permitted to play USTA league.  These pros are not permitted to be team captains or otherwise use their position to influence line-ups, court allocations, etc. Team captains should treat these individuals like any other team member.